Mental Health is Not Only the Business of the Psychiatrist


It is not only psychiatrists who need to be aware of patient’s mental health. Dr. Benjamin shared his desire to see primary care givers become more aware of mental health at the opening of a two-day health workshop on Tuesday, July 5th.


Dr. Benjamin added that after the workshop, he would like to see primary care givers take a different approach toward mentally ill patients.


According to Mrs. Shirley Augustine, Pan American Health Organization Representative, the programme aims at integrating mental health services into Primary Health Care Services (PHCS) in Dominica.


The workshop was conducted by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Mc Gill University in Canada and the Pan American Health Organization.


Mrs. Augustine said that it is important that the primary health care givers become aware of mental health as their patients may be more comfortable going to them than to a psychiatrist.


She added that there is, unfortunately, still a stigma toward mental illness and several people will avoid seeking help from a psychiatrist for that reason.

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