Mentally Ill Man Experiences Injustice


Darius Ducreay

The world can be filled with many malicious people; however one individual “pushed the envelope”, when a mentally challenged man was physically attacked.

The police department is imploring the cooperation of the general public, in investigations surrounding a report of grievous bodily harm on a mentally challenged young man of Portsmouth.

Darius Ducreay, a known psychiatric patient, is currently nursing injuries at the Portsmouth Hospital.

Reports are that, hot oil was thrown on Ducreay by a family member for sleeping under their house”.

Police Public Relations officer, inspector John Carbon, said, a report was made on Ducreay’s behalf, but so far no medical officials have confirmed whether or not oil was used to injure him.

However, the Police are still conducting their investigations as to what actually transpired.

They have spoken to a female in relation to the matter, but no evidence indicates that she was the person who inflicted the injury”.

Mr. Carbon further confirmed that so far a woman had been interrogated but no arrest have been made by the police.

Anyone with information on this missing person is asked to call the nearest police station or the police Hint Line at 1-800-4468 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477.

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