Meshach Hamilton Linton Laid to Rest


Meshach Hamilton Linton’s Funeral Service

“The heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight, but while their companions slept, were toiling upwards through the night.”

These words are just a few that the late Mr. Linton lived by. As he was laid to rest at the Marigot Methodist Church on Friday March 15th 2013, his life was recognized and not his death.

Mr. Linton lived his life through honesty and accepted life’s challenges and appreciated its pleasures.

At the funeral his family, friend’s government officials and those lives he touched in one way or another all gathered in commemoration of his long fruitful journey.

As an educator he dedicated himself over the years to first class service in a variety of public interests engagements. In matters of state governance he was fiercely independent and a model of honoring the public’s interest without fear or favors.

Rev Dr. J Evans Dodds, Snr. addressed the family of Mr. Linton and voiced condolences.

He assures that the church will continue to minister to the family with God’s help.

Reverend Dodds quoted from the book of second chronicles

He said the scripture is an ancient story that is exceedingly modern and portrays Jotham as Mr. Linton.

Mr. Linton’s simple life proudly honored the roots of his humble beginnings.




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