Micheal Bunche Bail is Denied

court3.jpgIn court today Micheal Bunche appeared before Magistrate Candia George for theft.

The incident took place between January 1st and November 30th 2011 where he allegedly stole over $36 000 in cash belonging to Auto Trade Ltd.

He is represented by Wayne Norde and Glen Ducreay.

The prosecution is objecting to bail due to the fact that they have obtained information that Mr. Bunche has gained employment in the United States.

He is scheduled to leave soon and they fear that he is a flight risk.

He was accosted at the Melville Hall Airport on Wednesday November 28th.

His lawyer, Mr. Ducreay says that his client is not a flight risk because he has never evaded the law. He says Bunche is willing to forfeit the job offer so that he could be here to the trial.

Nevertheless bail was denied and Mr. Bunche was remanded in custody. His trial begins on May 17th 2013 and disclosure is ordered by March 31st 2013.

Magistrate Candia George recused herself from the matter.

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