Michel Ambo Gets Fined $500

Michel Ambo of Salisbury was found with cannabis in his possession on August 6th. The incident took place in Salisbury whilst the drug squad was on patrol.

Mr. Ambo acted in a suspicious manner and was approached by members of the drug squad and asked to be searched. He obliged and upon searching they found 16 bags of marijuana in his back pocket, to which he replied, “Officer, that marijuana is to smoke”.

Mr. Ambo’s attorney, Glen Ducreay asked that whether justice has been dispensed because his client had spent unnecessary time in prison, since the incident took place on Monday and it was only until Thursday that he was brought before the court.

His attorney also claimed that all the marijuana was for Mr. Ambo and his friends’ personal use.

Michel Ambo was fined $500 to be paid by September 30th, 2012 or spend 2 months in prison.

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