Millions invested in the banana sub-sector with the commissioning of three Inland Reception and Dist

The Banana Industry Trust commissioned three Inland Reception Distribution Centers in the communities of Fond Cole, Portsmouth and Marigot on July 7th, 2010, estimated at a total of 7 million dollars.


The centers, which were funded by the European Commission in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean under its Special Framework of Assistance (SFA) project, will be used for reception, consolidation and storage of fresh bananas for export as well as for training of farmers and conferences, cold storage, sale and distribution of production inputs and packing materials.


The structure of the Fond Cole center is approximately $4 million, Portsmouth center $2 million and the Marigot center $1 million. Parliamentary representative for the Roseau North constituency, Honorable Julius Timothy addressed the commissioning at Fond Cole on Wednesday.


“As parliamentary representative for the Roseau North constituency, I wish to commend the trust for the realization of such a project and trust that all stakeholders that is, farmers, service providers, agricultural exporters, Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority and the Dominica Banana Producers Limited will make use of this facility for the continued growth and the success of the banana industry. On behalf of the people of the Roseau North constituency and the Commonwealth of Dominica, I wish to thank the European Commission for funding the project, which makes today’s commissioning a reality,” said Timothy.


Head of the European Commission for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Valeriano Diaz said that this project is geared at revitalizing the banana industry throughout the region.


Agriculture Minister, Honorable Matthew Walter dispelled the notion that the Government of Dominica has turned what he called ‘a blind eye’ on the banana industry.


“The Ministry of agriculture recognizes the importance of the banana industry and the agricultural sector on a whole. That is why we are taking measures to ensure that Dominican farmers are given the relevant resources to work with to develop the sector. Today we can confidently say that our farmers can provide enough food to sustain its population,” said Walter.



The agriculture minister said that bananas and the agricultural sector continue to play an important part in the country’s economy, especially with food security.

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