Millions to resuscitate the Hillsborough Horticulture Center


Preliminary assessments have shown that millions will be required to resuscitate the Hillsborough Horticulture Center, located at Layou, which was destroyed by the disaster in that area on Thursday.

Team Leader of the Central Region, Mr Keian Stephenson said the Center which was being ran by the Government of Dominica, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Chinese Technical Mission received no less that eighty five percent in infrastructural damages.

He told SAT TV News that this disaster is a major loss for the Center and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mr Stepehenson said that two of their major projects; a CARDI project and a cocoa project undertaken by the Government of Dominica will need to be redone completely, due to the disaster.

All the sheds housing equipment were destroyed while they also lost one twenty foot container, with other equipment to include fourteen tillers and five tractors.

Mr Stephenson says it will take a long time to get the Center back to its present state.

The center was destroyed on Thursday after the dam in Layou burst its banks.

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