Minister for Sports Commends the DABA as Basketball Season Takes Flight

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-13h49m35s158The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association has officially opened its basketball season for 2013.

The grand opening ceremony which took place in Goodwill on Saturday night was well attended by sport fanatics, supporters and delegates.

The DABA also celebrated a milestone of 45 years since its establishment of organizing professional basketball.

Minister for sports, Honorable Justina Charles stated that 45 years of the existence of any entity is a major achievement.

Honorable Justina Charles, adhered to the recent trend that sports is being used as a tool for development of self as well as country.

She said through sports individuals can develop skills which can be used in other aspects of their lives.

She urged the players to be consistent and not neglect the sport after the season has ended.


Basketball Season Takes Flight

Plans for the further development of the sports are also in place said the Minister for sports.

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