Minister of Carib Affairs Explains the Loan Procedures for Carib Territory Residents


Minister of Carib Affairs, Mr. Ashton Graneau,

On Wednesday March 2013, Minister of Carib Affairs Mr. Ashton Graneau, informed SAT News, of the procedures for the people from the Carib Territory, when applying for a loan.

Mr. Graneau says, based on what he knows growing up as a young boy and as an adult, there is a traditional culture within the Carib Territory that the land should be owned in common.

He noted, the residents have the “rights to occupy” which is referred to “occupier rights”. However, they do not have ownership rights.

Mr. Graneau added, if the council was to require a portion of land for development purposes, they would have to negotiate with the occupier and in most cases, compensate the individual.

He said, he is unsure of the reason why this traditional procedure is still obtained; nevertheless, the matter has been brought up in discussions.

Mr. Graneau says, there are a number of procedures which the Carib Territory Residents use to apply for a loan.

Individuals approach him directly because he receives a Government salary, or they approach public officers who are established.

He says he understands that this procedure needs to be changed immediately but it is a difficult proposition.

Mr. Graneau’s idea, is to create a credit facility that will be pathetic and sympathetic just to the Kalinagos. Therefore, the facility will not provide credit to any other individuals outside of the Carib Territory.

He says this credit institution can be established in the Carib Territory or Roseau.

Mr. Granue added, that this is only an idea and it is not something that they have looked into in great detail.

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