Minister of Carib Affairs Speaks on Housing Project for Kalinago Territory

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Minister of Carib Affairs, Mr. Ashton Graneau

Minister of Carib Affairs Mr. Ashton Graneau, says over the last three years they have conducted two programs. The first program, “the Housing Project”, was funded by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Mr. Granneau noted, approximately 3.million dollars was spent on 41 housing units, which includes washroom facilities, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen.

He says, four more houses were constructed from the funds allocated for the relocation of the people, who were displaced during the construction of the Salybia Primary School.

He added, the reason these 27 houses will cost the same price as the first 47 houses is because of the duration of time.

He stated, there has been an increase in the cost of materials between the time that the funds were made available and the commencement of construction.


Minister of Carib Affairs Mr. Ashton Graneau

In regards to those who allegedly stated that they were not accommodated, Mr. Granneu says the need for improvement in the Kalinago Territory is high and the majority of people within the Territory need improved housing conditions.

He said an attempt is being made to construct an additional 27 houses, under a program, funded by the People’s Republic of China. The associated cost is the same as he first housing program.

Mr. Graneau expressed, that he cannot provide this type of intervention in one period and he certainly cannot provide a two-bedroom house for one individual when there are families of four.

Mr. Graneau assured individuals who fall in the same category, that they will be assisted at some point this year.

A loan is to be taken by the Government of Dominica from the Caribbean Development Bank for construction of the second project being a Resource Center within the Kalinago Territory.

This is under the “The Carib Territory Community Capacity Building Project”. Minister of Carib Affairs Speaks on Housing for Kalinago Territory

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