Minister of Education Speaks at the 3rd Youth Academy Awards

petter stjean

Minister of Education, Mr. Petter St. Jean

Speaking at the La Plaine Youth Sports Academy (LYSA) 3rd awards held on Saturday December 15th, Minister of Education Mr. Petter St. Jean recognized the efforts of the President and the Executive of LYSA in keeping the academy functioning over the past three years.

The Minister expressed commendations to the parents, well-wishers and friends of LYSA, who have created a supportive environment for the members of the group.

Turning his attention to the theme “working together to enhance our future “, he noted that young people have the tendency to believe that their future is hidden.

Mr. St. Jean explained to the young people that their future begins now, and the decisions that they make create a chain of events.

He says that the focus of the Government’s developmental agenda revolves around the youths.

The Minister informed LYSA members that the excavation works are complete and the leveling works will be completed within the first quarter of 2013.

Mr. St. Jean strongly believes that the La Plaine children can and will succeed us as the leaders of tomorrow.



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