Minister of Education Urges the Youth to Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities


Minister of Education, Mr. Petter St. Jean

Minister of Education, Mr. Petter St. Jean, said there are many scholarship opportunities available to youth, as a result of Dominica’s Government relationship with other friendly Governments.

“I speak of the investments of the new Dominica State College to give you the best opportunity for high quality tertiary education”, he stated.

Mr.  St. Jean also referred to the transferred grants, uniform allowance, school registration grants, school textbooks scheme, school bus services and payments for private bus drivers.

In regards to Visual Arts, he said this is to ensure that the students are prepared to enter a progressive workforce.

‘This Government is looking out for your education. However, it is entirely up to you, whether you take keen interest in your own development, if you are to experience true success”, he noted.

Mr. St. Jean, urged the youth to become good citizens, one with a social conscience as they seek to make a successful life of their own.

The more schooling you obtain, the more your average salary rises.

0-youthAccording to the Minister, individuals who attend college are employed at higher rates and with greater consistency. Individuals with less than a high school degree are three times as likely as a person with a bachelor’s degree to be unemployed.

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