Minister of Health thinks “Substance Abuse” is a Major Concern


Minister of Health, Honourable Julius Timothy

Minister of Health Honourable Julius Timothy, says drug abuse, is a major challenge for us in Dominica.

“It is a major public health problem that affects Dominica’s society in all areas of life,” he noted.

Mr. Timothy said, the majority of our citizens are affected either directly or indirectly by the use and abuse of drugs.

According to the MP, in order to adequately deal with this issue, the general public and Government must work together in an effort to control and eliminate the factors that cause drug abuse.

He informed that the Ministry of Health is aware that the effects of Drug Abuse are far reaching.

“As soon as I became the Minister of Health, I pointed out to our Drug Prevention Officers, that all it takes is a visit to certain places in the Roseau area and the reality of drug abuse will be visible,” he stated.

The Ministry of Health will continue to assist in decreasing cases of substance and drug abuse in Dominica.

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