Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports Supports Geothermal Project


Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports, Mr. Rayburn Blackmoore

Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports, Mr. Rayburn Blackmoore, has made it clear that he Supports Dominica’s Geothermal Project.

“It is the fundamental principal of this Government to engage committee members from the grassroots levels”, he stated.

Mr. Blackmoore noted that the public needs to buy into the idea of developing the geothermal resource to the highest level.

He said the Government recognizes in moving forward, that there are a number of mitigated factors needed, to ensure that the environment is given central position within this particular exercise.

Since 1969, studies have shown that Dominica is the leading potential in geothermal energy development.

The Parliamentary Representative explained that in both 2003 and 2008, the Government did all the relevant investigations and estimates in relation to that potential.

Mr. Blackmoore is certain that the Government will ensure that citizen’s property rights are protected.

According to the Minister, the Government is working expeditiously to develop the Island. This is why, he said, the Government has invested thousands to place street lights underneath the Cliff.

Mr. Blackmoore said that no one previously confronted the issue with high energy cost or made any deliberate effort to capitalize on Dominica’s potential in the geothermal project.

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