Ministry of Agriculture and FAO to Develop Early Warning System for Food Security


Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization, Dr. Ballayram

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), are currently working on an early warning system for food and nutrition security, while identifying vulnerable groups as it relates to food and nutrition.

As a result of this, two consultants from the FAO are currently on Island where they will be engaged in a fact finding mission to gather recommendations on moving this process forward.

Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization, Dr. Ballayram, says the FAO is in the design phase, of establishing a food security early warning system for the Caribbean Region, and Dominica is no exception.

Dr. Ballayram explained the advantage of this early warning system, is long before an impending crisis, policy makers will have an insight of it to take proper corrective measures, to safeguard the food security of their population.

“My task here is to identify vulnerable food groups and secondly identify indicators of food security as everyone should be conscious of food security.”

Management Information Consultant, Dr. Stephen Louis, noted his initial task on this mission is to conduct a situation analysis of available systems within Dominica, that support information on food and nutrition security.

“These may not necessarily be systems that are specific to food security, but there may be systems used by various agencies for the primary functions, whether it is agricultural production or food and nutrition surveillance.”


Management Information Consultant, Dr. Stephen Louis

Dr. Louis added, the early warning system will provide a facility for compiling food security data and presenting it in a format that, allows policy makers and sometimes the public, to access the situation in a holistic approach, to determine whether there is a risk for food security.

This system will be implemented in phases and continuously updated until there is a completely functional system as stated by Dr. Louis.

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