Ministry of Agriculture Supports Dominica’s Banana Industry


Ministry of Agriculture Supports Dominica’s Banana Industry

The Ministry of Agriculture has suggested, that a major shift in the way farmers do business in relation to bananas may be the solution to increasing Dominica’s banana productivity and exports.

The meeting included representatives of WINFRESH, the company responsible for marketing Dominica’s bananas, the Dominica Agricultural Producers and Exporters Limited (DAPEX) and the Dominica National Fair Trade Organization (DNFTO).

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Eisenhower Douglas, said it has been agreed that a more scientific approach should be embraced as a means of sustaining the Island’s Banana Industry.

According to Mr. Douglas, Dominica has much more competition now.

“We need to be much more scientific in production at the national level” stated Mr.Douglas.

The Permanent Secretary made mention, that in recent years, Dominica has experienced a significant decline in banana exports and there is agreement that the country can do much better.

Dominica’s Government recently launched the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) where EC$54 million from the European Union (EU) was injected into the Island’s agriculture sector as a means of boosting

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