Ministry of Education Hosts Behavioural Policy Consultation


Acting Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Melena Fontaine

A number of Principals from primary and secondary schools Island-wide all gathered at the Public Service Union building on Valley Road on Monday July 8th, as they were selected to attend a Behavioral Policy Consultation.

Acting Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Melena Fontaine stated, in the coming year, the Ministry of Education would like to submit a final document to the schools, which the Principals will use for their school’s Behavioral Policy.

She noted, this is mandated by the Education Act to ensure every student succeeds, and they learn in a safe, healthy and positive environment.

There is not a behavioral problem in our schools, however there are behavioral challenges that Principals have to deal with so when there are problems, we have to ensure they are dealt with in the best way possible, by putting proactive measures in place.”

“The consultation looks at the entire issue, both prevention and the reaction of the persons in management,” Mrs. Fontaine added.

It is hoped by the end of September 2013, the final copy of the policy will be submitted to the Education Minister, Honourable Petter St. Jean.

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