Ministry of Education Pledges Support for New TVET Council

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development Mrs. Chandler Hyacinth, has pledged the Ministry’s support, for the efforts of the newly formed Technical and Vocational Education and Training Council (TVETC), to develop the local workforce for economic growth.

“The task ahead for this council is great but we must take the lead if we are to transform our workforce here in Dominica, and if our people are to take advantage of the many opportunities presented by the new global dispensation,” Mrs. Hyacinth stated.

Mrs. Hyacinth noted, we have to position ourselves for sustainable growth in all aspects.

“One of the hallmarks of TVETC is skilled development with certification, and the TVETC Council must play a role in implementing the CVQ’s and the promotion of TVETC in Dominica to dispel the misconceptions.”

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Robert Gregory, a consultant with the CARICOM Education for Employment project, under the theme “Dominica’s TVET Strategy for Workforce Development and Economic Competitiveness.”

He said employment needs should direct education and training and the development of competencies and abilities to detect both present and future priority areas for economic growth.

“That development really starts with the transformation of the workforce from a low-skilled, low-waged, cheap labour workforce and economy to a high-skilled, high-wage workforce and economy,” he added.

Education Minister Honourable Petter Saint Jean appointed the new TVET Council earlier this year, charged with developing a progressive and prescriptive framework within which to certify, to international standards, the competence and productive capacities of Dominica’s workforce.

The ten-member council consists of; Eddison Henry (Chairman), Stevenson Astaphan (Vice Chairman), Merrill Matthew (Secretary), Matthew Leblanc (Public Relations Officer), Celia Nicholas, Kertist Augustus, Jeffrey Baptiste, Martin Allen, Stephenson Hyacinth and Rawle Leslie.





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