Ministry of Education Ready for the Resumption of the New School Year

Hon. Peter St. Jean

To start off the school year, the Minister of Education Mr. Peter St. Jean has assured the public that the Ministry of Education is ready for the resumption of the new school year.

Mr. St. Jean says to ensure that the students have a productive school year and are comfortable, contractors around the Island have been assigned to carry out the maintenance repair works throughout the school year.

The Minister stated that works have already begun at certain schools and as time goes by, these repairs will be completed.

In relation to the recent incident at the North East Comprehensive School (NECS), Mr. St. Jean has assured the public that repairs will be ongoing as of today.

He mentioned that one of the challenges that the ministry is currently facing is the amount of children not accessing the early childhood program.

The Minister says 600 students are currently deprived of this program and he hopes to see a huge difference by September 16th since the aim is to have preschools combined with Primary Schools.

Mr. St. Jean advise parents, principals and teachers to go the extra mile and to take a keen interest in the children education.

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