Ministry of Finance press conference



Dr Ishmael says that she gave Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit  “a little bit of a status update  in terms of where we are with achievement of the  OECS Economic Union across the board.”


She said the talks also focused on “the legislative agenda and administrative agenda that still requires that we make progress on them”.

It’s actually being implemented, she said, while confessing that there were obstacles still to be overcome.


She indicated that while the strength and reliability with which these arrangements had been approached remained sound and intact. We all need to make sure that everybody is on the same page.


Her office has had grievance she said, from people who have tried to enter member states who have had difficulty accessing the “free movement” promised.

According to Dr Ishmael, the dilemma has to do with administrative and legal requirements that are yet to be concluded.


Sometimes even though we have the administrative necessity already described on the table, immigration officials will sometimes also legally go to the law.


She expects by June (2012) that all the legislative amendments that are required to ensure facilitation of travel, that those things will in fact be discharged and be in place.

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