Ministry of Health Hosts HIV/STI Workshop

Helen Royer1

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Ms. Helen Royer

The Ministry of health, National HIV/AIDS Response Programme in collaboration with the OECS Secretariat HIV/AIDS, convened a two day workshop at the Prevocinemal to sensitize health care professionals on the updated Guidelines for the Management of HIV, AIDS and other STI.

The guidelines have been developed through a process of health professionals with experience in the field.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Ms. Helen Royer, stated that health care providers should be aware that primary prevention of STIs, begins with changing the sexual behaviours that place people at risk.

Ms. Royer commended Ms. Frampton and her team for their hard work.

She says Health-care providers have a unique opportunity to provide education and counseling to their patients as part of the clinical interview.

She also noted that they should routinely and regularly obtain sexual histories from their patients and address management of risk reduction.

Ms. Royer believes HIV/AIDS is everyone’s business.

Ms. Augustine

PAHO/Country Programme Specialist for Dominica, Shirley Augustine

PAHO/Country Programme Specialist for Dominica Shirley Augustine, said the region continues to show strong leadership in prevention, treatment and providing care for HIV/AIDS patients.

Over 90 nurses and doctors from Health Districts and hospital participated in the workshop.


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