Ministry of Health Presents MCH Manual

Snap 02014-06-12-17h50m43s1On June 12th the Ministry of Health launched the revised Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Manual, focused on improving the quality of care given to mothers and their children in a bid to reduce infant mortality rate.

It is expected that the launch of this manual would sensitize health care providers on the availability of the manual and its use in order to provide optimal care to the public.

Terrillia Ravaliere, MCH Coordinator says the manual is an authoritative step-by-step guide book and a formal working document made accessible to health care providers.

It also serves as a point of reference for the majority of maternal and child health information and provides assistance to its users.

Ravaliere says it is one of the first books that health care providers need to guide and develop their maternal and child health skills.

Additionally, European Union Representative, Lisa Valmond says the Dominica 2010 to 2019 Strategic Health Plan Ministry of Health Presents MCH Manual  lists high perinatal mortality rates as one of the major challenges in Dominica.

This she indicated has contributed to the introduction of the EU funded programme-Dominica Reduction in Infant Mortality (D-RIM).

Through the 10th EDF the EU has contributed $4 million towards the D-RIM Project.

The MCH manual was introduced in 1992 and has been revised to align with international standards.

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