Ministry of Health to Observe a Month of Activities in Recognition of World Health Day

dfever10In an attempt to raise awareness and sensitize the public about vector-borne diseases, the Ministry of Health through the Environmental Health Office teamed up with the Health Promotion Unit, embarked on a number of activities in observation of World Health Day.

Mrs. Anthelia James, Coordinator for Health Promotion, says this will also serve as a way to educate the public on methods that can be adopted to mitigate against these diseases.

It is very important she said that we all do our best to eliminate breeding areas for vectors such as the mosquito that has caused the rapid spread of the Chikungunya virus in Dominica.

Mrs. Anthelia James, Coordinator for Health Promotion

Mrs. Anthelia James, Coordinator for Health Promotion

Other activities include; a poster competition among Primary Schools in addition to a Vector borne disease presentation, media discussions on Vector and Vector borne diseases and a media Advocacy Forum on Vector and Vector- Borne Diseases.

There will also be a Deserted Vehicles clean up drive, a community village hall discussion and a Community Clean-Up campaign in the Roseau and Marigot Health Districts.

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