Ministry of Health Warning Against Flu Outbreak

Cold-and-Flu-SymptomsThe Ministry of Health wishes to inform the general Public of an outbreak of Acute Respiratory Infections (Flu) in Dominica at this time, and wants everyone to remain alert and protect themselves from getting the Flu.

The symptoms may be presented in two different ways: mild flu which includes, coughing, running nose, headache, low grade fever, loss of appetite and feeling tired, while symptoms of a severe flu are; productive coughing, high fever, body chills, difficulty breathing, generalized body pain and chest pain.

Honourable Julius Timothy, Minister of Health, says the public is advised to wash their hands with soap and water more than usual, however if soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizers, and avoid shaking hands and kissing.

To prevent one from getting the flu, all are advised to over the mouth with a tissue when coughing; cover the nose with tissue when sneezing and throw the used tissue after each single use.

Avoid touching your face if your hands are not clean, because cold and flu viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose and mouth.

Mr. Timothy stated, persons infected with the flu are advised to stay away from crowds, young children and very elderly persons, and he or she should drink a lot of fluids such as; juice, water, coconut water and soups.

In order to prevent any further spread of this flu, everyone must take the necessary steps to protect yourselves, your families and the general public.

The Ministry informs the public that the FLU vaccine is available at all health facilities and when taken will prevent people from becoming ill with the flu.

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