Ministry Plans to Improve Learning Strategies for New School Year


Hon. Peter St. Jean

Honourable Petter St. Jean, Minister for Education

This week marks the opening of a new school year for thousands of students across the Island.

Honourable Petter St. Jean, Minister for Education, said this year the Ministry of Education continues in its quest to ensure that every learner succeeds, by constantly reviewing and updating their approach, to the delivery of quality education to students.

According to the Education Minister, one of the more significant changes this year in the education sector, is the large number of students who will be awarded the opportunity to receive real training within the school system, which will improve their chances of employment in the future.

According to Mr. St Jean, under the Dominica Education Enhancement Project, teachers have been trained to deliver these programmes, 21 assessors have graduated and will ensure that the industrial standards are met and maintained.

The Ministry, he said, will also focus on improving technical vocational education training, offered at all schools under the Education Enhancement Project.

He believes that technology and innovation is the key to our survival.

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