Miss Dominica 2013 Pre-Show Eliminations

After a night of fierce competitions seven contestants have been chosen from a field of 12, as the 2013 Carnival Queen Pageant completed their eliminations pre-show at the Arawak House of Culture on Saturday September 22nd.

Many Dominicans were excited to witness what the young ladies had in store as the Arawak House of Culture was filled to the brim for the night’s event.

12 contestants appeared in one and a half minute segments of talent, swimwear, evening wear and question and answer.

In the first round which was the talent round, the young ladies came with their game faces on as they put their best foot forward.

Many did musical performances for that segment which started with Ms. Daina Matthew.

Jeanne Royer of Goodwill switched up the musical performances as she came with a talent of the absence of real men loving women in today’s society.

Other talents were from Nerissa Alianda Williams of Thibaud who did a monologue about women, phenomenal women, Chayil C’hannah Johnbaptiste of Calibishie sat like a princess in a beautiful garden and sang a song from one of Disney’s musical’s “The Colour of the Moon”, and Kelshia Breezie of St. Joseph whose piece was based on an experience at a supermarket two days before, did a mini skit on Dominica’s customer service and how undesirable it really is, which was a crowd favourite.

Fatima Noel of San Sauver came attired in Dominica’s national dress the Wob Dwyiet, being musically inclined she sang Michelle Henderson’s “My Pride” to the satisfaction of the crowd.

Melinda Chervon Ulysses of Stockfarm better known as Mel C who is a local female artiste, put her singing talent aside and showed a different side, demonstrating just how talented she is by playing a classical piece on the piano to the amazement of the large crowd at the show.

The final contestant, Wendie Lucia Romain of Cottage, came dressed in yellow and black to fight black sigatoka, a disease which was recently discovered in Dominica and destroys banana and plantain fruit.

Before speaking on the disease, she questioned how Dominica could be a poor country when three quarters of the population possesses a blackberry handset.

In the end the final seven finalists who will now move on to the Miss Dominica pageant set for Friday, February 08, 2013 are: Kelshia Breezie from St. Joseph, Leslassa Armour-Shillingford of Castle Comfort, Jeanne Royer from Goodwill, Nickisha Philbert of Laudat, Melinda Ulysses from Stockfarm, Fatima Noel of San Sauveur and last but not least Daina Matthew of Canefield.

Many of all who attended the show said they certainly got their money’s worth of action, and will be looking forward to the Miss Dominica Pageant in 2013.

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