Miss Dominica Speaks on Youth Socio Economic Barriers

Miss Dominica 2014, Francine Baron

Miss Dominica 2014, Francine Baron

Lack of respect, lazy, insubordinate and rude are just some of the words used to describe young people these days, but whether or not there is some truth to the matter it is highly opinionated.

Miss Dominica 2014, Miss Francine Baron herself is aware of this notion towards youth in Dominica.

She says she has heard things being said about ‘us’ [young persons]. It is said that the young people are not ambitious, that we have nothing to offer and that we are lazy, she continued.

Ms. Baron feels that there are many young and talented individuals with a lot to offer, however the stage to produce is not available.

“It is up to us to encourage each other and go out there and show the world that this is Dominica; this is what Dominica can produce.”

In an interview with SAT TV, she revealed that she herself, have had to struggle with some insecurities in the past.

Ms. Baron pointed out, that in times like these, the support of your family is critical in keeping you positive and moving forward.

She advised young persons, who may not believe that they have had a fair chance at life, not to quit.

“The opinions of others matter in our lives. And every action has a reaction. So this idea that we have, that I don’t owe anyone anything we need to get rid of that.”

Ms. Baron encourages all young persons to change their “y.o.lo” [you only live once] attitude and to be mindful of the things they say.

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