Miss Plus Size Officially Luanched

The 2013 Elegant Plus Size contestants

The 2013 Elegant Plus Size contestants were presented before the public on Saturday, November 10th, through the “Miss Plus Size Launch”.

This dynamic is doing it again with even a greater show this year according to Ms. Anna Raffoul.

Ms. Raffoul says it takes a lot from these ladies with their sizes, to build their confidence and come on stage. She also urges the public to support them.

Mayor of Roseau Mr. Cecil Joseph commended all the supporters including the media, and reminded the public that it is essential that the ladies are supported throughout the competition.

He told the ladies to consider what they are doing right now as history.

Mayor of Roseau, Mr. Cecil Joseph

He added that many years ago national pageants such as “Miss Dominica” began the same way as this event.

The Mayor deems that this show will be a total success.

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