Missing Fisherman Found Alive Says God Has a Plan for Him


Mr. Timothy Lewis of Newtown

A fisherman, who was rescued out at sea after nine days, of what he described as ‘gruesome conditions’ says he is only alive because God has a plan for him.

Mr. Timothy Lewis of Newtown was reported missing on November 3rd 2013, when he did not return from a fishing trip.

He noted, it was only possible for him to survive the ordeal by drinking his urine in addition to eating fish eyes and dried fish which he caught.

“It took me three days to catch a boat to take me to a little island they calling Kochi, close to Venezuela”, he said.

The military Helicopter then took him onboard and transported him to Margarita Hospital in Venezuela.

“From there they took me to Caracas”, he said because in Margarita it was difficult to find someone who spoke English.

Notes taken in Venezuelan by Mr. Lewis  in an effort to understand and speak the language

Notes taken in Venezuelan by Mr. Lewis in an effort to understand and speak the language

After being transported back and forth between several Caribbean islands, Mr. Lewis stated, while in Grenada, immigration officials notified him that his Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit was in the country at the time.

They then contacted Mr. Skerrit to inform him of Mr. Lewis’ situation.

According to him, the Prime Minister sent a taxi to transport him to a guest house, where to his amazement he was visited by Mr. Skerrit himself.

On Sunday February 23rd 2014, Mr. Skerrit called Mr. Lewis’s mother, informing her that her son, who was feared dead, was alive and well.

He was later flown to Dominica to reunite with his family on Monday February 24th 2014.

Reminiscing on the unfortunate incident, he noted it all began, when he was returning to shore off the coast of Grand Bay and encountered engine trouble, causing him to drift for nine days.

While in Venezuela he received medical attention and rehabilitation, causing him to remain there for over three months.

Mr. Lewis is appealling to the public to help him out in rebuilding his home, which was destroyed while he was lost at sea.

This is his second time being lost at sea, however the first time he was rescued by a passing cruise ship – Carnival Valor.

He also survived being harpooned by a fishing gun which the spear was logged into his head.

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