Missing Men Lost At Sea Found Alive

Three men who went missing after they allegedly went on a fishing expedition, have been found in Martinique and transported back to Dominica by the Dominica Coast Guard.


Police Chief Mr. Cyril Carette says although the men have been missing since Saturday March 17th, a formal missing person report was only made on Tuesday March 20th.


The three men who are; Ian Liverpool and Awonian Laronde both of Grand Bay and Junior Xavier of Newtown.


Mr. Carette says the Martinique Rescue Corporation (MRC), referred the information to the Dominica Coast Guard and the men were brought off the coast of Dominica by a passing tanker, and the Coast Guard went to collect them.


The Police Chief went on to say the open keel boat used by the men, was being towed by the tanker which was on its way to the United States when the rope burst so it was left to drift away.


Mr. Carette went on to say this was no regular expedition that the men went on.


The men are in police custody assisting with the investigations of the source of the $10,000 euro that was found on them.

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