Missing teen found!


Shanice Jemmot has been reunited with her family after 40 long days.


The 15 year old teen who disappeared without a trace on February 17th, 2011 was discovered in the heights of the Hillsborough Estate last evening.


Chief of Police Cyril Carrette broke the much anticipated news during a calypso program on DBS Radio on Monday evening.


Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Claude Weekes disclosed that police first found Webster Edmund, the man who reportedly captured Shanice, in the Hillsborough Estate area in St. Joseph at approximately 8:00pm.


He says Edmund then led police to Shanice who was underneath a tarpaulin in the Hillsborough area with the “same school skirt she was wearing on the day she went missing.”


Both Shanice and Edmund were in the hands of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) after they were captured.


But according to reports, Shanice is currently admitted to the Psychiatric Unit, pending evaluation.


Inspector Weekes also stated that Shanice and Edmund never left the area where they were found, contrary to several other reports that the duo had left the island and were residing in the neighboring French island of Guadeloupe.


Police also recovered ammunition underneath the tarpaulin where the missing teen was found.


Police had been heavily criticized for not doing enough to locate the duo, but according to Inspector Claude Weekes, police could not disclose all the information they had because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

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