MoE continue efforts to enhance Dominica’s education system

Chief Education Officer Mr Stephenson Hyacinth has said that the Ministry of Education welcomes an EC$11.93 million dollar project launched by the Government of Dominica, as it supports the Ministry in developing a similar project geared towards students with special needs.


Mr Hyacinth said that this project, the Education Enhancement Project, is a continuation of a process to transform the educational landscape of Dominica, which began with the declaration of universal secondary education.


This move, he said, was prompted by a growing social demand for secondary education, to create greater cohesion and awareness of the inadequacy of primary education.


“Universal Secondary Education posed a major problem for the education system in two ways. First there was and still is the need for a major change of attitude and mindset. No longer should we believe that secondary education is a privilege for few but a right. Secondly, all stakeholders in the education system needed to be guide by the conviction that all students can achieve at the secondary level”, said Hyacinth.


Mr Hyacinth said that within the education system, it is now our duty to pull out the various talents and gifts of students who are not performing at their required level, as there may be need for a different approach.


“What is required is the need to develop programs geared specifically to cater to the varying needs, interests and abilities of all students. God has created every man with something that he or she can give back to humanity ad its left to us within the education system and at our school to find out what gifts each individual has and to develop it”, said Hyacinth.


As part of preparations for universal secondary education, the Ministry of Education has undertaken two major projects to ensure the success of its implementation.


According to Hyacinth, “The first of these was the basic education project which has as its objective the improvement of the quality of primary education. Under this project, a number of persons in the Ministry of Education received training in education planning, testing and management, curriculum development and material production, school supervision and teacher education. The expectation was that this project would have a major impact on the quality of education. The second major project was the secondary support project. The Department for International Development funded this project.”

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