MoE launches an EC$11.93 million Dominica Education Enhancement Project


The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has launched an educational project geared at enhancing the learning environment at both primary and secondary schools on the island.


The Dominica Education Enhancement Project is funded by the Government of Dominica with counterpart support of US$420,000 a


nd a US$4 million loan facility from the Caribbean Development Bank.


Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Mr Nicholas Goldberg said that under this project a national curriculum will be developed, providing many benefits to schools on the island.


“A national curriculum is far more than a list of subjects and learning outcomes to be studied at school. Indeed, it is far more than a series of a curriculum guide; it provides strategies that can be used to deliver these learning outcomes. A national curriculum requires trained teachers knowledgeable in the subject areas they teach. A national curriculum requires essential facilities for special subject teachers to teach in. A national curriculum necessitates appropriate tools and materials to equip such facilities. Finally, a national curriculum calls for trained personnel that allow the education system to deal with the various needs of diverse students that emanate as a result of universal primary and universal secondary education”, said Goldberg.



CDB representative Ms Deidre Clarendon said that the bank is pleased to be associated with this project.


Minister for Education, Honorable Petter Saint Jean said that this important project signifies an investment that will ensure the transformation of the school culture within Dominica, which will ultimately ensure long-term economic survival.


“The Government of Dominica view education as the only sustainable strategy for poverty alleviation. We believe that education is the foundation of development both on a personal and a national level. It is indisputable that the greatest asset in any nation is its human resource, more specifically the education of its people”, said Saint Jean.


The project totaling EC$11.93 million, seeks to improve the quality and effectiveness of the education system by enhancing the learning environment, upgrading the framework and improving teacher quality.


Under the project, a large number of teachers will receive training geared at augmenting competencies in key subjects and non-academic areas such as guidance counseling and numeracy instruction.

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