Monroe College, St. Lucia Supports Tourism Industry


St. Lucia’s Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Senator Allan Chastenet says Monroe College in St. Lucia is dedicated towards the development of the Tourism Industry in the Caribbean.


Senator Chastenet made this remark at the official ceremony which marked the inaugural flight of CARICOM Airways, at the Canefield Airport on Monday December 13th.


He says Monroe college has therefore formed an alliance with agreeing cruise ships, to award two contracts to the students after which the students get refunded for his/her entire tuition fees spent at Monroe.


This initiative was not only taken as incentive for tourism growth, but to encourage qualified individuals to seek employment on the various cruise liners.  


In the interim, students of the Saint Mary’s Academy were privileged to tour ‘The Millenium’ cruise ship on Friday 17th December, as part of their geography tourism studies.


The students gained a firsthand view of the day to day operations of the cruise ship by their tour guide.


Participants of the field trip, Ronald Abraham and Warren De Gonzague say the prospects of working on a cruise ship seem rewarding as this poses opportunity for travel and meeting people from around the world.


The cruise ship industry continues to grow from strength to strength as forty-five thousand (45,000) people a year are being employed from around the world.


Although the Caribbean is a major cruise destination, presently, only one percent of people being employed on cruise lines are from the Caribbean.


Monroe College strives to improve this statistic with the tourism studies course costing only three thousand five hundred Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC). This will include uniform, books and daily lunch.

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