Month of Activities Scheduled to Commemorate Blind Awareness Month


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Month of Activities Scheduled to Commemorate Blind Awareness Month

The Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD) has contributed significantly in creating awareness that persons with disabilities deserve to live normal lives just as everyone else.

This month the DADP Inc, observes Blind Awareness Month with the theme, “Preventing blindness and assisting those whose sight cannot be restored.”

Mrs. Nathalie Murphy, Executive Director of Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities gave more insight as to how the month will be commemorated.

Mrs. Murphy said this program is also DAPD’S way of contributing to the international Agency for the prevention of blindness vision 2020 right to

The Executive Director of DAPD said the Association is always prepared and willing to help people with cope with sudden blindness.

Mrs. Murphy highlighted some important points to help persons better understand people with impaired vision: Courtesy rules of blindness.

I am an ordinary person just blind you do not need to raise your voice or address me as if I were a child. Do not ask my spouse what I want- “cream in the coffee? Ask me

If I am walking with you do not grab my arm, let me take yours. I will keep half a step behind to anticipate curbs and steps.

I want to know who is in the room with me, speak when you enter, introduce me to the others. Include children and tell me if there is a cat or dog, guide me to the chair.

The door to a room, a cabinet, or a car, left partially open is a hazard to me.

At dinner I will not have trouble with ordinary table skills.

Do not avoid words like “see” I use them too I am always glad to see you

I do not want pity, do not talk about the wonderful compensations of blindness, my sense of smell, touch, or hearing did not improve when I became blind. I rely on them more and therefore may get information through those senses than you do nothing more.

These were just a few courtesy rules of blindness; I hope this makes us more aware in our encounters with blind persons.

The public will also be educated on preserving their sight; in closing Mrs. Murphy stated there is life after blindness.

A number of events and activities will take place throughout the month of May to observe Blind Awareness Month.

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