Monument to Be Put In Place to Honour Slaves


Raymond Lawrence, Chief Cultural Officer

The Cultural Division is placing more emphasis on culture and heritage, allowing Dominicans to be more aware of the history which led to the emancipation of our people.

As a reminder of the slaves who fought for our freedom, the Division has decided to mount a monument as tribute to their memory.

Mr. Lawrence said the maroons were the first people who came to mind when they decided to build the monument.

They assisted in Dominica’s fight for freedom as well as in its life and culture.

The African culture brought to the Caribbean, left us a legacy which has influenced our way of life tremendously.quilombo

This is why Mr. Lawrence believes that we should pay tribute to their memory in a positive way, and to let this monument be a reminder that we should maintain our African influence.

The monument will be placed near a memorial, to remind us of those who fought in World War two for the freedom of the West.

It is his hope that this tribute will encourage more monuments to be mounted in Dominica.

The headstone, funded by the Government of Dominica, will be unveiled on the first of August – emancipation day.

The ceremony and concert will be held at the Peebles Park.

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