More Arrests Made in Colombian Robbery Investigation

More Arrests Made in Colombian Robbery Investigation

Hard work truly pays off. This was manifested in the police investigation, where two Colombian Nationals were robbed on Monday July 1st.

Originally five individuals were arrested and their bail was denied when they faced Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Friday July 5th after being charged with the incident. After through further investigation one other was arrested and charged.

Two more individuals were arrested and charged on Tuesday 9th July. Previous charges were removed and new charges laid against all eight individuals implicated in the incident.

Issa Alleyne of River Estate Canefield, Ron Garth Jolly of Louisville, Fernela Guiste. Vanessa Guiste and Kahina Green, in addition to Kester Cyprien all of Bath Estate, Alexander Joseph of Gutter Village and Imran Bruney of Potterville were all charged with robbery, and conspiracy to rob Colombians Jesus Para and Caesar Serna.

The eight were also charged with kidnapping Jesus Para, who was robbed of EC $3000.00, and a Blackberry Bold cellphone valued at US $400.00.

The five men, Issa Alleyne, Ron Garth Jolly, Alexander Joseph, Imran Bruney and Kester Cyprien were also charged with attempted murder of Jesus Para.

Imran Bruney who was previously charged with accessory after the fact of robbery, who appeared before Magistrate Bernard Pacquette on Friday July 5th was bailed in the sum of $10,000.00, despite objections by the Prosecution.

Only seven individuals were present at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday July 10th before Magistrate Ossie Lewis, who adjourned the matter until Thursday July 11th because of the passage of Tropical Storm Chantal.

On that day, the charges will be read to the eight accused and bail applications will be entertained.

Attorney Gina Dyer Monroe who represents Kester Cyprien attempted to secure early bail for her client stating that, Cyprien has been in and out of the Princess Margaret Hospital, suffering from hypertension and chest pains and is currently on medication.

Although she stated there should be no objections to bail, as her client is only now being brought to the Court for this matter – that effort proved futile.

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