More farmers complain about the road condition in Captain Bruce

There is absolutely no doubt that the images shown here pose a serious problem. Many farmers of the Captain Bruce area in Marigot are complaining about the government’s unwillingness to provide funding towards the maintenance of the road in that area. Mr. Walter Williams, the largest citrus farm producer in the north eastern district said that his primary concern is the deplorable road conditions.


Walter Williams said, “This road has been suffering from what you call great erosion and all that is occurs when the weather is bad. No one has given attention to this road for almost a decade. The farmers are having difficulty in removing their crops and whenever we speak of planting more crops, farmers are discouraged.


Mr. Walter compared the sight of the Captain Bruce area to a secondary forest and is asking the respective government officials to provide the necessary assistance that is needed to improve the road condition. Another farmer, who is 70 years of age, posed a question to the Government of Dominica.


“I would like to ask the government if they don’t conduct road projects anymore. Everyday they talk about farmers but yet we don’t see anything. Right now 95% of farmers are out of crops especially bananas which the government talks about everyday,” said one farmer.


Richard Charles, a resident and farmer of Captain Bruce is patiently waiting on the government as he was informed that engineers have been sent out on the field to conduct estimations of the cost of the project.


He said, “I have asked my Parliamentary Representative to assist in that area to follow up and find out the developments as it happen so we will know as to how quickly the roads will be repaired.”


Charles said that the farmers are in a very tough situation especially as the agriculture industry is moving at a slow pace. He added that it is rather unfortunate that the minimal income that is generated by this industry and has to be injected into road maintenance.

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