More focus to be placed on Educational Development at Schools


The Ministry of Education will be embarking on an educational drive to further assist students in lower grades at Primary Schools on the island, in preparation for the Grade Six National Assessment Examinations.

This confirmation came from the Minister of Education, Honorable Petter Saint Jean, following the results of the 2011 Grade Six National Assessments.

Records have shown that although there were slight increases in improvements for core subjects like mathematics and English, more students attained Grade Cs and Bs.

The Education Minister is calling on educators at the various primary schools to place focus on mastering the key subjects a few grades before the sixth grade.

‘There is need for school supervisors to work with management at our schools, not only at grade six, but also at grades two and four’, says Saint Jean.

The minister also brought to the fore the importance of the role of parents in their childrens’ school life and the dependency that most parents tend to have on teachers.

Honorable Saint Jean echoed the need for parents to assist their children during the summer holidays, in preparation for the new school term.

‘Let me call on parents to work with students during the months of July and August, in an effort to ensure that in September, they will enter the school gates well-prepared’, said Saint Jean.

The ministry also applauded the fact that three of the top five students this year were males, which is a major achievement for Dominica.

In that regard, Honorable Saint Jean sounded a call for more fathers to play their role in helping their children, especially young boys.

‘I want to call on the males in society, it is of paramount importance that we as fathers play our role and take up our responsibility seriously. It is necessary for fathers to take the whole issue of fathering seriously, because boys need good role models,’ cautioned Saint Jean.

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