More Jobs To Be Created In The Construction Of The Moroccan Funded Hotel

Workers On The Foundation Of The Hotel

Work on the 65 room resort facility in the town of Portsmouth is going smoothly and on schedule as indicated by Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit.

At a site visit to the facility on Wednesday October 17th, Mr. Skerrit pointed out that the resort which is being funded by the Moroccan government includes a spa in addition to all other amenities a resort would have.

Mr. Skerrit says that situated at the base of the Cabrits National Park, this Resort has some of the best views in the world and is being constructed to both national and international requirements.

He is thankful to the Moroccan Government for this grateful gift.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit And Other Officials At The Site Visit

With the Cruise Ship Berth next door, the hotel will feature duty free shops for the tourists, craft shops so locals can sell their products, and the spa will also be opened to the public so they can take advantage of its benefits.

Presently this project has provided employment for 49 Dominicans on a full time basis, and additional steel benders are being recruited in an effort to speed up the work.

Mr. Skerrit says that when completed this Hotel will provide at least 100 new jobs on a full time basis based on the various services the Hotel will be providing, such as the spa, gym, management, and security personnel among others.

Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth Constituency Honourable Reginald Austrie says, Dominica did not have to give up anything for such a generous project.

He is excited about seeing many persons from his constituency employed during the construction phase.

Mr. Austrie added that with the vision of the Prime Minister, Portsmouth which is regarded as the sleeping giant will be developed to its full potential so Dominicans and visitors alike will benefit.

A Section Of The Hotel Under Construction

Mr. Austrie said that the communities of Lagoon, Toucari, Portsmouth and others surroundings will also benefit from this facelift.

Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs Honourable Ian Douglas says this Hotel will be a major contribution to the tourism industry and the hotel plant in Dominica.

He said that to compete on a regional level local hotels need to have the high level rooms that attract foreigners.
This is what this Hotel will do for Dominica.

Mr. Douglas said that the fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to fish used by the Hotel will be purchased from locals, and this will provide a lot of indirect jobs for more Dominicans, which in turn will generate more economic activity.

The Resort has a completion date of October 2013 and will sit on 4 and a half acres.

A Section Of The Hotel Under Construction

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