Morne Daniel controversy

Residents of Morne Daniel should be quite pleased as a lingering issue which they have been protesting about has finally been answered. This issue brought about by a contractor who insisted on housing a work shed that consisted of heavy machinery such as excavators at an empty lot in the area, raised concerns among residents, causing them to take serious action in order to regain their peace.  While the issue of noise pollution was their primary concern, the residents were also worried about the possibility of oil spillage from the heavy equipment as well as the breeding of mosquitoes brought about by a large puddle of water, which is located on the plot. When SAT TV News contacted the relevant authorities at the Planning Division to provide more information into the matter, they  said that actions have already began in effect,  as the  empty lot  is  now designated to be used as a residential rather than a commercial area.  All our efforts to contact the contractor for comments have proven futile.

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