Morne Prosper Bus Driver Furious with Littering Issue

Morne Prosper Bus Driver/Resident, Mr. Albert Timothy

Morne Prosper Resident as well as Bus Driver Mr. Albert Timothy says, he is irritated and disgusted with the current state of the Morne Prosper Bus Stop.

He says as a Bus Driver, it is having a negative impact on his business, clients and other bus drivers.

Mr. Timothy added that, many passengers complain every time they board his bus however, they feel as if they aren’t in any position to say anything.

The annoyed bus driver says this has been an issue for a while now and every week, it is guaranteed that garbage is existent at this bus stop.

Mr. Timothy says this is affecting him as well as other people health and he hopes to see a drastic change soon.

Littering issue at the Morne Prosper Bus Stop

He mentioned that he has contacted higher authorities therefore; there is not any reason why this issue should not be dealt with as soon as possible.


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