Morne Prosper bus drivers take measures into their own hands to improve their road conditions

Bus drivers in the Morne Prosper community are seeking contributions from villagers to contribute at least $ 20.00, which will go towards road improvements in the area.


According to the villagers, the road, which is now in a deplorable condition, need serious attention, and the authorities are putting on ‘deaf ears’ to their numerous complains.


One resident, Weldon Bougouneau told SAT TV News that the entire community is affected by the problem, since bus drivers refuse to drive higher up in the areas of Morne Hill and Gallaway square.


Mr Bougounea says the move taken by the bus drivers may not be the best solution to the problem, but will definitely be a signal to the authorities that the community is poised on bringing closure to the issue.


One bus driver from Morne Prosper, Mr. Roy Timothy says he hopes that the authorities will assist them, since more money is spent now on purchasing vehicle parts damaged by the bad road.


On commencement of the Morne Prosper road project, which started in November 2010, Morne prosper residents are now using a private back road made accessible by the Alexanders’ which intersects further up Copthall, since the main road is blocked.

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