Morne Prosper Health Fair

download-12-150x150“Think, Live and Be Well: Fruits and Veggies Matter” was the theme for the 2014 Community Health Fair held in Morne Prosper on Sunday May 25th.

The theme encourages increased awareness of health risks among community members and motivates individuals to develop and make changes to enhance their personal health habits.

The health fair committee which comprises five nurses living in the community is concerned about the effects of Chronic Non Communicable Diseases (CNCD’s), according to Health Fair Coordinator, Rosalind Daisy.

“Although our statistics are not yet updated but it shows that 8 percent of our information here in Morne Prosper is living with a diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes’, she said.

She called on the residents to do better, noting that over the past 5 to 10 years, 24 persons have died as a result of complications of CNCDs.

Poor diet and physical inactivity, she added, contributes to increased cases of the disease.

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