Morne Trois Piton Geo-Tourism Stewardship Council officially launched

A five-member council has been officially set up and launched to provide special support to increase the importance of the World Heritage Site (WHS) accreditation to the local communities and by extension, Dominica.

The Morne Trois Piton National Park Geo-Tourism Stewardship Council was officially launched at a ceremony on June 22nd, at Camp JTAS in Gommier.

Chair of the council, Mr Atherton Martin says one of their primary objectives is to conduct community consultations with communities around the Morne Trois Piton National Park and World Heritage Site.

The council will be partnering with stakeholders to care and manage various sites with special importance to its protection, richness and true economic value.

A total of fifteen sites have already been identified by the council.

‘In the South East we have sites in Grand Fond, Riviere Cyrique, Laplaine, Boetica and Delices. In the South, they are located in Geneva, Bagatelle and Petite Savanne.


In the Roseau catchment, we have areas in Bellevue Chopin, Giraudel, Eggleston, Wotten Waven, Laudat and Cockrane. In the Central Forest they are located at Pond Casse and Belles’, said Martin.

Mr Athie Martin has been named as the Chair, Mr Marcus Francis; Vice Chair, Carol Rabbess; Treasurer, Francis Antoine; Secretary and Michael Eugene; Public Relations Officer.

The council will operate at an office housed at the Flower House at Giraudel.

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