Morning Praises at Roseau Market

The Roseau New Market was filled with positive energy as Host of one of the most recognized radio programmes “Sunday Praises”, Mr. Heston Charles along with members from the “Sunday Radio programme” preached and sang.

The 6 years and ongoing programme began with the famous song “Glory Glory” which has a major impact on the public.

Things became even more interesting when Mr. Charles began to preach. He made the statement and I quote “God commands may not sound too good to us but in order for us to be healed, we must take it”, end quote.

He mentioned that most people are willing to take commands from doctors and others without any hesitation or questioning however, they do not apply the same principal towards GOD.

The aim of this outreach programme was to bring the church to people, to the people especially the ones who are physically unable to make and to those who claims that they are too busy.


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