Morrocco to finance a 50-room Hotel in the Northeastern part of the island

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit held a Press Conference on Tuesday August 03rd, 2010 to brief the Media and the general public about what transpired during his recent trip to Africa, namely, the kingdom of Morrocco, Uganda and Libya.  The Prime Minister said that his official visit to the African Continent was geared at enhancing Dominica’s bilateral relationship with the aforementioned countries. He said that their decision to establish diplomatic relations with Morrocco in June 2010 is part of their thrust to expand their relations with as many countries as possible.


Prime Minister Skerrit told the press briefing that they engaged in discussions on a number of issues. Among them, was the issue of the Sub Saharan Affair, in which Dominica decided to take a neutral position.


He said given the fact that Morrocco is the world’s largest exporter of fertilizer, they have put forward a request to the Government of Mto assist Dominica in accessing fertilizer at a more cheaper rate, so that Dominican farmers can reap tremendous benefits as agriculture remains at the center of Dominica’s economic and social advancement. The Dominican Prime Minister also revealed the Government of Morrocco’s intention to finance the construction of a 50-room hotel near the Melville Hall Airport.


He said ‘with the advent of night landing which will take place very soon, the issues of Pilots having to overnight in close proximity to the airport and the idea creating employment, particularly in that part of the island, the construction of such a hotel is very critical, as we believe that northeastern part of Dominica certainly needs to be developed.’

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