Mother Alicia De Tremmerie; A Role Model

alicia.jpgAddressing the launching of the Seeds of Success (SOS) Christian Leadership Program, Sir Brian Alleyne held up Sister Alicia Tremmerie as a role model in Christian Leadership.


According to Sir Brian, “Her Christian Leadership development work touched the lives of almost every Dominican family.” Her goal was accomplishing the task and building the strength of the team.


Mother Alicia was a Leader, who served our Catholic Community in the Diocese of Roseau from 1950 to 1988 . . Many of the outstanding tasks she accomplished are documented in reports of the Social Center, and by Mr. Kenneth Richards, in his book People Who Helped People.


According to Mr. Richards, Mother Alicia played a pioneering and leading role in the establishment of The Social Center, The Social League, Dominica Building and Loan Association, St Anne’s Day Nursery, Riverside Apartments, Dominica Meat Producers Association, New town Fisheries Cooperative, Young Christian Workers and for most people her flagship project was the establishment of the Credit Union Movement.


Mother Alicia could not have accomplished these projects all by herself. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Mother Alicia nurtured “a culture of Christian Leadership Development among Gods people”.


In her own words “in the early fifties we were working with leaders and members of the Social League of Catholic women. I introduced the idea of the Credit Union Movement as one of the solutions to their problems and they were willing to consider studying the Movement to see whether this would be an answer.


After one or two meetings with the women we addressed ourselves to the men.”p3. Dr. Thomas Henderson, in his book, had this to say about the Credit Union Movement, “The movement has also resulted in the identification and nurturing of community leaders, several of whom went on to seek political leadership roles at both local and national levels.”

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