Mother Nature Ital Fest

In an event to educate the public on healthy lifestyle choices, Tombe Leve NGO of Laplaine and members of DOAM( Dominica Organic Agricultural Movement)held their 1st ever Mother Nature Ital Fest on June 2nd and 3rd, 2012.


The festival was aimed at promoting the consumption of organic local fruits and vegetables, and in doing so change your bodies to live healthy, productive lives.


President of Tombe Leve, Valerie Roghi- Felix and Trevy Felix, said that being primarily musicians, they wanted an environment to play their music and also to engage the public in something they were passionate about.


Ms. Felix expressed that everyone has their own choice of lifestyle but she wanted people to start thinking about the legacy they will leave for their children.


One of the highlights of the day was one entrepreneur’s business for bio-degradable take away items.


Owner of “100 percent Green”, Nathalie Roland, lamented that she has been fed up of seeing styrofoam littered across the Nature Island.


Her products include cups, garbage bags, lunch containers, all made from either palm leaves, sugar cane, bio- plastic (which could be wither potato, tapioca or sugarcane); all of it being 100 percent bio-degradable.


The event also consisted of documentaries, massage, acupuncture, natural birthing methods, among others.

The event organizers hopes that the general public will embrace their way of thinking to save the Nature Island.

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