Mother of Three Fined for Theft!

Lynsha Canoville

Lynsha Canoville

Twenty-eight year old, mother of 3, Lynsha Canoville of Campbell/Canefield has been ordered to pay her former employer $4061.93 in compensation for stolen jewelry.

In court on Monday, Canovile was charged with stealing $7,186.35 worth of jewelry from Carol Abraham of Federation Dive Goodwill between May 1st and 24th, 2014 to which she pled guilty

The facts stated that Canville who had been employed as a domestic worker by Abraham for just about 9 months had access to Abraham’s jewelry.  On May 24 Abraham observed some of her jewelry missing and reported the matter to police.

During their investigations police discovered that on May 10th Canoville had sold a gold chain and pendant to Cash Wiz.  On May 12 her father also sold a gold chain to Cash Wiz and received $500.  On May 19 Canoville returned to Cash Wiz where she pawned some more jewelry for $756.20.

When Canoville was held for questioning, she readily admitted to police that she had indeed taken the jewelry.

Before sentencing magistrate Bernard Pacquette cautioned Canoville and stated that she betrayed the trust placed in her by her former employer.

Canoville was ordered to pay the $4,061.93 in compensation for the unrecovered jewelry by December 2, 2014 or in default spend 6 months in prison.

She was also fined $1,500 which was suspended for 1 year or, in default, she will spend 3 months in prison.

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